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Fra Asken


Kjell Kvanbeck

Fra Asken is my most personal film to date. My childhood was cut short when I was sexually assaulted as a young boy. For years I kept that secret and at times could not even admit to myself that it had happened to me. Over the past few years I started the process of opening up and releasing some of the emotions and feelings I have suppressed about the event for most of my life.
My brother was living in Vancouver and phoned to tell me that he would be home for a short weekend in July of 2015. We decided that we needed to make a film as our opportunities to work together are fewer and farther between now with him living away from home. I began to turn over ideas in my head about what we could possibly shoot with both of us only being able to commit an eight hour period to filming.

The more I thought, the more my mind kept returning to wanting to speak about the dangers of holding all of those feelings in for so long. I decided that I had to express some small part of my journey and struggle with life post sexual assault. My hope was that it might speak to someone and help them in some small way and to keep another person from remaining silent in that prison I remember all too well.

We shot the film over the course of eight hours, my brother on camera, me directing and producing. It felt good to speak about my experience, but it also felt good to set aside all the formalities of a normal production and just tell a story because of a need to tell that story.
Fra Asken played at Big Water Film Festival 2015, Three Rivers Film Festival 2015, and Green Bay Film Festival 2015. We are still waiting on the status of several submissions.

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