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Air Between Us

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Air Between Us comes from a very personal source of inspiration. Growing up with an alcoholic parent forced me to observe the nuances of familial relationships and the things we do and more importantly don’t talk about. The characters in Air Between Us perform a sort of dance where they tiptoe around the elephant in the room and choose to believe that they are fulfilling a need for the other. In reality neither one of their true wants or needs are being met. It is a shell of a relationship because communication and honesty have given way to fear of abandonment and fear of intimacy. This dance in human relationships has always fascinated me and it seems like we all in some capacity have that type of relationship with someone where we can never say what is truly on our mind. The other source of inspiration I have for this piece is the trend of young men in particular not growing up, or putting it off as long as possible.

Many of the family stories I would hear growing up included some reference to children taking care of their parents in their old age and I thought the shift from this type of familial relationship to the refusal to take care of ourselves let alone our parents as they grow older was very interesting as well. What happens when someone is forced to take responsibility? Are we products of not facing consequences or are we truly unable to become adults?

Air Between Us played at the 2015 Minneapolis-St. Paul International film festival. The feature length script for the film is being developed.

The path from script to screen for Golden was an interesting one. The short script was submitted to multiple short screenplay competitions and fared well. One festival director contacted me to option the script as soon as he had read it. I sold the script but maintained the rights to make a version myself and gave him a specific amount of time to complete his version. The time expired on our contract before he was able to complete production and I set off to make the film myself. We were incredibly fortunate to find an open weekend in both Bain and Wendy’s busy schedules and shot the film over a weekend. The film was selected at several festivals including, Minneapolis-St. Paul International, BendFilm, Dances with Films, and VisionFest NYC. It also picked up an award for best Minnesota Made Short at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival, and would later be included in the See-18 exhibit at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport co-curated by the Minneapolis Film Society.

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